Black Lives Matter – We commit to listening, learning, supporting, and action.

Statement of Solidarity

Black Lives Matter – we commit to listening, learning, supporting, and action. World Ocean Day will not sit idly by.

Racial and social justice is foundational to everything. As we collaborate to protect and restore our shared blue planet and its diversity of life for current and future generations, we recognize human diversity means treating Black people everywhere with honor and respect. We recognize human diversity as a central value and belief and core to what makes our society better.

Racial oppression and injustices permeate every aspect of life and we grieve the violence against Black and other marginalized people around the world. We stand in solidarity with the individuals, families and friends of anyone who has and continues to be a victim of racial oppression.

Both organizationally and in our own lives, we commit to actions that help end the systemic racism, discrimination, and persecution in our communities and across the world. We also commit to listening and educating ourselves on these issues and improving how we show up and can best act. We promise to use our privilege to push forward for a more just, inclusive, and healthy society. Now more than ever, our collaborative mission to listen to and empower youth to lead will be at the forefront of our efforts.

We also commit to making sure that as we grow our national and global networks that we proactively make the connections and engage with communities of color to listen to them and amplify their voices, helping to bridge global social movements and create a more civically engaged society.

Together we are stronger. It is time for us to act on our solidarity and actions. Please know we are committed to growing and cultivating understanding, through inclusion, inspiration, and example.

Resources for Action
Follow them, listen to them, learn from them, support them (and please suggest additional organizations and voices)

Black Lives Matter Global Network – Join the global network

Color of Change – Join their campaigns for justice

Movement for Black Lives – Find out more about how to take action

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance – Resource on information and action steps

Neighborhood Funders Group – Resource on information and action steps

Race Forward – Information and links to local Black-led organizing for change

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. – Resource on promoting full, equal and active participation

The Bail Project – Addressing mass incarceration and disrupting the money bail system

Unicorn Riot – Alternative media source that exposes root causes of social and environmental issues