Doing well and doing good for the ocean

The more I think about the ocean, it’s impossible not to focus on the duress the ocean is under due to climate change, overfishing and plastic pollution (and with this linked article being dated 10+ years ago that just reinforces the challenges facing the ocean).  And it’s a reminder for why my company,, is a proud sponsor of World Ocean Day. 

As a 1% for the Planet member, our focus is on beach, ocean, lake, river and stream conservation, education and science. With the ocean being 70%+ of the earth’s surface, that’s what comes to mind first and why when we went looking for organizations to work with, World Ocean Day was a no brainer. As a company looking to actively engage with ocean-focused nonprofits, World Ocean Day’s mission is front and center for us.   

With the ocean essentially the life source on this planet, to suggest that there is just one day each year that is World Ocean Day is ridiculous; World Ocean Day really is every day. We need to start grasping that concept much sooner than later as the ocean is saving us from the worst impacts to date from climate change. That capacity, however, is diminishing and we need to take action. 

Our company,, focuses on sustainability, both in the products we carry as well as protecting the health of the ocean, and the human race; given the adverse impacts from climate change, overfishing and plastic pollution, it’s clear we all need a healthy ocean to survive.   

We are doing our best to follow in Patagonia’s footsteps given 1% for the Planet was their business model and in 2021 they were named the most reputable company in the US.  And the steps Patagonia recently took, restructuring itself to ensure profits after its annual operational needs have been met, estimated to be in the ~$100 million dollar range, will be used to address climate change. So now Earth is Patagonia’s only shareholder. 

This example of leadership from Yvon Chouinard and Patagonia is why is a corporate member of 1% for the Planet and works to protect our blue planet, one baja hoodie / baja jacket at a time. 

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