International Ocean-Climate School (IOCS)

International Ocean-Climate School (IOCS)

The International Ocean-Climate School is an exploratorium*.  Everyone with an interest in the well-being of our ocean is invited to apply.  The School is of interest to people who, and organisations that, have a stake in planning and acting for the future of the oceans, especially the future of the oceans as they are being shaped by accelerating global warming and climate change.  We work at the intersection or nexus of oceans and climate.

*An exploratorium may be thought of as a participant-oriented forum for the hands-on, collaborative exploration of known issues through a new lens with the purpose of opening up pragmatic, action-oriented pathways to progress.

Stakeholders may include:  Researchers, decision makers, citizens, scientists, students, activists, environmental organizations, NGOs, scientific institutions, local and central government agencies and their representatives, business and industry, local politicians, health, tourism, utilities, military and transport.

Previous Schools have welcomed participants from a wide range of walks of life, skills, interests, experiences and qualifications:

  • Countries: Brazil,  France,  India,  Italy,  Iran,  Morocco, Spain,  Tunisia,  UK.
  • Qualifications:  high school leaving diploma, Bachelor’s in business administration, BSc, hotel school diploma, Master, MBA, MSc, Engineering and PhD, and post docs.
  • Occupations:  environmental association volunteer, university, researcher, meteorology researcher, environmental studies students, researcher on reefs, CEO of a company, web developer, project officer, activist in climate NGOs, researcher in agent-based modelling, business person, founder and director of a climate NGO, freelance specialist in climate finance, international diplomat and university president.
  • We also aim to achieve gender balance.
  • Age range:  Any age.  In our last session, we had people all the way from 18yrs to 65yrs.
  • Inter:  The above is is a wonderful mix – international, intercultural, intergenerational, interdisciplinary, interconnectedness.  Also the activities are interactive, the participants active, and we use the internet.
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