Alama Hotels and Suites, along Hassan Katsina Way, along CBN, Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria

Jalan Sunsuria, Bandar Sunsuria, 43900 Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia

Arogya Yoga School Location at the Nirmal Bag, block B, Lane No 10, Near Virbhadra Temple, Rishikesh. On the banks of the Ganges River. Arogya Yoga Ashram is a very spiritual and peaceful Yoga ashram in Foot Hills Himalaya. Surrounded by nature with plants and fields, a wonderful open view which you can see the whole Rishikesh city from outside.

Organic Food Market, Lilyfield, NSW

Ocean8Challenge celebrates proactive participation in ocean-health promotion.  Using the hashtag #myocean8, people can get involved in their preferential capacity. Whether that’s joining in the full 8 day swimming and clearing event, or carrying out one single beach clean in their local area, everyone will be part of the Ocean8 community and will be contributing to the overall team impact.


The park was built in 2000. This landscaped park is called “Archipel des Eaux Mêlées”. It takes its name from the fact that rainwater and that of the river (Austreberthe) mix in this place before ending their course in the nearby Seine. In this park, there are several characteristic elements of the town of Duclair. This park, made up of several islets, stages different places, different important moments for our city. On the fruit island, metal apples are fixed to the ground, they symbolize the famous “Route des Fruits”, Duclair being the first stop. The Austreberthe ends its race in the Seine, being on the bridge, you can very clearly see and hear the Austreberthe pouring into the Seine.

Bicycle route along the Samran Beach, Trang Province.

We use video conference and collaborative writing, as well as other tools.

Webinar event.

Online digital media campaign. Together with the presenting organizations, we will broadcast our daily messaging through social media posts, e-Newsletters, web blogs, print media, etc. in an effort to advocate for the oceans and activate a global audience to take action. 

Naples is raw, high-octane energy, a place of soul-stirring art and panoramas, spontaneous conversations and unexpected, inimitable elegance. Naples is full of historical buildings, squares and churches plus a host of modern amenities and fantastic nightlife opportunities. Undoubtedly the main square in Naples, the Piazza del Plebiscito features the Royal Palace and the Basilica Royal and is a truly fantastic place to visit.

Blessed with rich volcanic soils, a bountiful sea, and countless generations of culinary know-how, the Naples region is one of Italy’s epicurean heavyweights. Buy a tourist card If you’re planning to tour all of the city’s top attractions, buy a Visitalia Tourist Card , which offers discounted entrance fees.

Let’s join with us and enjoy the unique culture of  Naples, Italy.

The event is to promote the ocean day. the objective is to informe the people the importance of the ocean.