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Continuing from its inaugural success last year, ADEX Pixel Expo’s returns once again with the annual #WOW World Ocean Week 2021, in conjunction with the United Nations World Oceans Day on June 8 and The Coral Triangle Day on June 9, with a goal of generating awareness and starting conversations on the various issues our ocean faces today, the four-day virtual event will highlight the plight of plastic pollution, explore the Coral Triangle, bring forth the voices of youth working on ocean causes, showcase ocean literacy through arts and convened agents of change – the diving community!

Organised by the digital platform for ADEX Asia Dive Expo, ADEX Pixel Expo, ADEX Pixel Official Country Partner [Dive Destination] 2021 Tourism Promotions Board Philippines, and affiliated with ADEX Ocean Citizens, World Ocean Day 2021, UN World Oceans Day, United Nation Decade of the Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, and supported by Blu Hope and VOW, #WOW World Ocean Week 2021 celebrates the ocean with a myriad of events and activities convening industry’s ocean conservationists, marine scientists, ocean defenders, ocean advocator and ocean citizens to commemorate this global celebration and raise awareness of the vital importance of our oceans and the role they play in sustaining a healthy planet!

Plot your cause, save the dates! Do not miss the insightful and informative sessions on everything there is to know about the state of the Ocean!

Tuesday, 8 June #WOW WORLD OCEAN DAY
The World Ocean Day unites the world for action in June and grows collaborative conservation every day of the year for our blue planet. On June 8 every year, World Ocean Day provides a unique opportunity to recognise the importance of our shared ocean and humanity’s dependence on a healthy blue planet for our survival. It also provides ways to celebrate the ocean by coming together to protect and restore the ocean, to safeguard it and help ensure a healthy home for all!

The Coral Triangle Day, held on every June 9, is a massive celebration of the Coral Triangle, the world’s epicentre of marine biodiversity. Celebrated in countries in the Coral Triangle region – Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste, the annual event brings together individuals, organisations, and establishments on one special day of the year to shed light on ocean conservation and the numerous ways to protect and conserve the Coral Triangle.

The World Ocean Day’s Ocean Defenders is a unique opportunity to connect and unite youth and others around our blue planet, with the focus on action for a healthier ocean and more sustainable society. A platform where Asia, and global youth get together to talk about the future of the ocean.

Friday, 11 June OCEAN ODYSSEY [SCUBA101]
In celebration of World Oceans Day (June 8), experiencing the wonder of the underwater world that covers over 70 percent of the earth’s surface, Ocean Odyssey is a platform where divers connect with the ocean and support efforts to preserve and restore it, in whatever capacity possible during these times.

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