Aquatic Apatetic

Aitkenvale Library

4 Petunia St, Aitkenvale QLD, Australia

Organized by Reef Ecologic

The artworks comprising Aquatic Apatetic – reef perspective have been inspired by Jo Stacey’s recent experiences diving at John Brewer Reef. The conceptual images evolved from Jo’s underwater observations.  These artworks explore the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef and reflect on our spectacular sea creatures and their exotic mechanisms of maintaining anonymity. ‘Apatetic’ relates to the coloration and form that disguises and protects an animal.

For these artworks Jo has observed some of the beautiful marine creatures in their natural habitat – from the spectacular blue-green colouration and tattoo markings of the Maori Wrasse, the distinctive yet deceptive spots of the Barramundi Cod as it rests on the sand ocean floor, the Coral Trout in it glorious iridescent, speckled skin idling beneath a plate coral or the delicate hovering of a Lion Fish waiting in its cave.

The artistic themes of the body of work Aquatic Apatetic encompass Jo Stacey’s love of the natural environment, sustainable living, community and a sense of place.  These themes are reflected in her choice of subject, carefully selected materials and methods to create her art pieces.

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4 Petunia St, Aitkenvale QLD, Australia

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