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Starts   2021-06-08, 06:00 PM (CEST)
Ends     2021-06-12, 06:30 PM (CEST)

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Introduction of Kids for the ocean – the book. In german and english and the importance why we need to celebrate World Ocean Day every year – and every day.
As many of you needs to work on this day and we still face some restrictions, we have organized a clean-up on Saturday, the 12th of June, check the event page for more info.

Please find the talk in english on IGTV
or here:
Den Talk gibt es auch auf Deutsch auf IGTV
oder hier:
lets clean the world together.
Every day is World Ocean Day for us, but today is a chance to shout even louder about the importance of the ocean. This year’s World Ocean Day will be virtual again, which means everyone can participate from anywhere in the world.
We introduce ourselves, the beach cleaner movement and our education program Kids for the Ocean.

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