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The background of ‘Befriend the Ocean’ 

Less than 3% of Hong Kong’s waters are currently protected.

Hong Kong could not reach the marine conservation goal of protecting 10% marine waters by last year under the Convention on Biological Diversity established by United Nations and to fulfill the commitment to China and the international community.

We need to expand the size of current marine protected areas by at least 10 times in order to achieve the next marine conservation goal – designating 30% of marine waters as protected areas.

Through the “World Oceans Day” on 8th June 2021, we encourage everyone to be friends with ocean and also urge Hong Kong government to cease reclamation projects that cause irreversible impacts on the coastline and marine waters and expedite the implementation of measures that the Biodiversity Convention proposed. Suggested actions are:

  1. Designating at least 10% of Hong Kong’s waters as marine protected areas.
  2. Setting up a timetable for the plan of protecting 30% Hong Kong’s waters by 2030.
  3. Ceasing all development projects that deploy “Destroy first, compensate later” approaches.
  4. Collaborating with marine users and local groups to work on marine spatial planning.
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