Billion Oyster Project and Pew Environment Oyster Placement Event

New York Harbor, United States

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We teamed up with Pew Environment, The Nature Conservancy in New York and the New York Harbor School to add 5,000 farmed oysters to Buttermilk Channel off of Governors Island! Click the link in our bio to see Ginger Zee‘s coverage from ABC News Live. Last week’s installation was unique in that large, single seed oysters—too large for market—were added to #nyharbor. Swipe to the right to see how these farmed oysters, grown for food, compare to the enclosed oysters we install at our restoration reef sites. Then, swipe again, to check out the wild oyster sets that we’re hoping to see more of on our journey to restore one billion oysters to New York Harbor!

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New York Harbor, United States

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