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This initiative has its background in unique partnerships with historical references. 360HUB Global was initiated in 2001 and inspired by the new library of Alexadria, Egypt, as an icon and bridge for a global learning culture . We re-active this with the profound understanding of one ocean and one planet in 2021, and make a digital bridge from the Nordic Countries in an interactive, dynamic learning culture addressing climate change, adaption  and mitigation. Creativity and to rethink our thinking is the essential aspect of building back better after the Covid19.

With the merging partnerships with Great Work Alliance, USA,  working in immersive media and climate change, we celebrate the World Ocean Day of One Ocean – One Planet, by inviting our global network to come together. In partnership`s GWA  distributed network we will present the initial idea of SoulSpark City,  and addressing and inviting for pilots in different ecosystems on the Blue Planet.

Our partnerships are extended to people living in both landlocked countries and countries with long coastal shores We find it important to work with landlocked countries eg like Zimbabwe and include the beautiful river Zambezi and Victoria Falls representing the indigenous wisdom of Zimbabwe.  Our rivers are very important four our ocean and its important role in solving the challenges on the Blue Planet.  The flying rives across the Amazonia is part of this new leverage of thinking. It is due time to stop the systematic pollution, and we address this huge task with hope and action-plan in the Race towards Zero. System thinking made easy is our mantra.

Please, read this as to prepare for this get-together  for 8 June 2021:

Oceans Role in the Race to Zero and to fight Climate Change

We present a distinct conceptual understanding and mind-shift from Planet Earth to Planet Water,  and how this might have an  impact on the way we accelerate the SDGs and the united and global actionplan and roadmapt towards COP26 and UNEP +50 in Stockholm Summer 2022.

This evening we perspectives of planting of mangrove planting trees and perspectives on the ocean as one, presented by Bremley Lyngdoh, Founder & CEO of Worldview Impact Foundation is a Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

We start 8 June at 8pm   the beginning of the first green footsteps stories –  under the sea, on the shores and in the high mountains of Himalaya.

Here is the link to Thor Heyerdahls historical speech in 1972 in Stockholm,, and Bremley will present the story of Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park.

Welcome to listen to the lead story for this 8 June 8pm CET Celebrations. The long journey always start with the first steps – take it by join us on the zoom webinar and join us in the 360HUB Gardens.

Welcome – get in touch if any questions.

~ Inger M. Stenseth  // // 360HUB Global @Molde, Norway//

Photo credit: Inger Mette Stenseth


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