C-Combinator: Restoring Vital Ocean Ecosystems And Advancing Seaweed-Based Science

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Join C-Combinator for a fascinating and educational presentation and discussion regarding how C-Combinator restores ocean ecosystems!

C-Combinator addresses the massive Sargassum seaweed crisis and turns the Sargassum seaweed into sustainable materials.

By creating uniquely valuable products from Sargassum seaweed to address the ​global demand for advanced materials for the biotech and agricultural industries, C-Combinator and its amazing team of award-winning business, innovation, science, and climate adaptation leaders contribute to ocean restoration.

In multi-sectoral collaboration, C-Combinator researches and develops seaweed into innovative products, including:​

Agriculture Hydrogels​
Carbon Fiber​
Building Materials​
Fibrous Products and Sustainable Textiles​

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C-Combinator is a for-profit, Public Benefit Corporation and a Bio-CCS/Bio-CCUS company founded to develop and advance scalable market channels for seaweed-based products in order to preserve and restore ocean health and draw down carbon.  ​​​​

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