Ceenaad Fishing Cooperative Beach Clean Up

Bandarbeyla, Somalia

Starts   2021-06-08, 05:00 AM (MSK)
Ends     2021-07-01, 05:00 PM (MSK)

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Bander Beyla’s Ceenaad Fishing Cooperative organized a beach cleanup (pictured below) and celebration. Fishing and related activities are the main source of local income and an integral part of the community’s culture. They know firsthand the importance of maintaining the health of the local marine environment, so they are proud to contribute to the global effort to conserve the ocean and its many resources.

The Ceenaad Fishing Cooperative, a fisheries co-management association in Bander Beyla, will mark World Ocean Day 2021 with a beach cleanup and celebration. Bander Beyla is a fishing community on the east coast of Puntland, Somalia. Fishing and related activities are the main source of local income and they plan to honor the ocean and all it provides on World Ocean Day.

The co-management association was recently established through an agreement between resource users in Bander Beyla and the Puntland regional government. Cooperative management, or co-management, is a partnership between the fishing community and the government to develop local fisheries governance, management, and profitability while mitigating conflict over marine resources. The Cenaad Cooperative has helped improve fishing practices, advance environmental education, and manage local fisheries conflicts. Bander Beyla fishers’ stories are featured in the “Faces of the Sea” segment during the UN World Ocean Day event.

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Bandarbeyla, Somalia

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