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Happy World Oceans Day, everyone. We are proud and honored to be part of a community whose Life & Livelihood is rooted in the care and connection to our oceans. We know we must come together to protect the marine resources we all rely on. As caretakers of our local coastlines, COA works every day to steward our shores. We are excited to celebrate this day marking the importance of the oceans, and their vulnerability that makes our work so important.

We are also excited to share the winner of our World Oceans Day Art Contest! Roxanne Blackmore made this piece called “Transfusion”, which demonstrated to us the connection we all have to the ocean, and how our oceans fuel us. Thank you for your entry, Roxanne! Thanks to our sponsor Stupell Home Decor, Roxanne will receive a monetary prize, and her work & story will also be featured on our website. Thank you for sharing your ocean connection with us and our community.

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