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You’ve probably heard about the plastic pollution problem in our oceans, and the ban of some single-use plastics in Canada coming by the end of 2021 … but do you know what we’re doing closer to home to reduce the impact of single-use items? In this incredibly informative session Karen Storry, Senior Engineer with Metro Vancouver Solid Waste Services, will introduce Metro Vancouver’s single-use items reduction strategies, including the new Behaviour Change Campaign, and how we can help the ocean and all of our ecosystems by taking action in our own backyard.

Climate change is causing lasting and devastating problems for our world right now. As a hub for information and community-building, the Library is a critical part of the response to this emergency. Climate Future is a community-driven initiative to share knowledge, inspire action and—collectively—change the world for the better by reducing local emissions.

For this virtual program, we’ll be using Zoom. Never participated in a Zoom event before? Visit our Getting Started with Zoom page.

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