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As an ocean-focused company, we love to get involved and support the projects our Ocean Ambassadors are working on. This year, that also includes a big one from @manubustelo. ⁠⁠
This year, Manu & fellow diver Alana Alvarez are traveling across Europe in an electric vehicle to promote sustainable lifestyles, corporate responsibility, and keeping our ocean healthy. Along the way, they plan to meet with institutions, policymakers, like-minded corporations, and those in the diving community to address major threats to our ocean and planet and advocate for change.⁠⁠
We are excited to see what comes of this project this year. Check out the link in our bio to learn a little more about the Sustainable Tour with Manu, Alana, and @DanEurope.⁠⁠

Jump onboard the first European sustainable tour run in the diving industry. Follow the adventures of our team of passionate scuba divers set to travel some 11.500 km across Europe on an electric vehicle.
The tour promotes sustainable lifestyle and corporate responsibility, to keep our Oceans healthy, as our economies, health and human existence depend on it!
Join us along the way as we meet stakeholders (institutions, policy makers, like-minded corporations) and the whole diving community, addressing three major threats – increasing C02 levels, plastic and chemical pollution, biodiversity loss – to boost the change we all need.

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