Deep Sea Coral Exploration with Schmidt Ocean

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Join us as Schmidt Ocean gives us exclusive LIVE footage and sneak peek into their upcoming expedition in Samoa to the Phoenix Islands a UNESCO World Heritage site and marine protected area where they will be studying deep-sea corals.

We will be streaming this LIVE from the captains deck on their research vessel Falkor which will return under Chief Scientist Randi Rotjan and have deep-sea samples ready to share with our audience as well as a tour of their ship, deep-sea rovers and marine wet-labs on-board.

Opening Keynote: Daniela Fernandez, CEO & Founder – Sustainable Ocean Alliance
Introduction: Carlie Weiner, Director of Communications  – Schmidt Ocean
Tour of Falkor Ship and Laboratories: Randi Rotjan, Chief Scientist – Schmidt Ocean
LIVE Q&A with Randi Rotjan


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