ESGX Live: Clean Break – Saying Goodbye To Single Use Plastic

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Join Philippe Cousteau (cofounder of EarthEcho International), Tom Szaky (founder of TerraCycle and Loop) and Matt Prindiville (CEO of Upstream) to explore how we can work together to end the tide of single use plastic that is damaging our oceans. In this episode, we will explore:

  • What is the size and depth of impact single use plastics are having on the ocean ecosystem?
  • What forces are driving these problems and how can we curb them?
  • What can we do individually and as a global community to reverse the damage already done?

We’ll also have a panel discussion panel with:

  • Sadie Blancaflor, a Truman Scholar and current undergraduate at Stanford University majoring in anthropology and earth systems
  • Lina Constantinovici co-founder of Innovation 4.4, and BVC Fund
  • Kurt Lieberman, President and CEO, Newday Impact
  • Keiko Niccolini, Chief Marketing Officer at r.Cup
  • Linda Pouliot, CEO and Founder at Dishcraft Robotics​

We’re joined by guest host Doug Heske from Newday Impact Investing and our regular co-hosts Paul Herman (HIP Investor) and Nigel Lake(Pottinger).

Register at to join our live audience, ask your own questions and contribute to the discussion. Meanwhile, for those who prefer not to register, you can watch the live stream at, as well as recordings of previous events.

As always, this episode will be live and interactive, with a particular focus on practical actions that businesses, governments and individuals can take – and the commercial and other benefits of doing so.

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