From World Ocean Day to Umi No Hi

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Starts   2021-06-08, 05:00 PM (JST)
Ends     2021-07-22, 05:00 PM (JST)

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Starting from World Ocean Day and ending on Japan’s Ocean Day Umi-no-Hi for six weeks, we are organising local cleanups every weekend in the Hiroshima area, and reaching out to cleanup activists across Japan and the world to do a livestream CleanUp Heroes” talkshow series.

This is a great chance to learn from each other, compare notes, and inspire each other to keep going.

I’m interested to discuss issues they have with waste that washes up near their homes and their strategies to cope as well as ideas for how to improve on the problem. These talks can help us see how all of our waste problems are unique, but in many ways similar. There are some surprising types of waste as well as inspiring ideas for solutions that can come out of these discussions.

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