Frontiers in Ocean Sciences Symposium

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The theme of this year’s virtual symposium is The Future of the Oceans.
Registration for the online symposium is free and open to all, and the link for registration can be found at:
Featured at the symposium will be a line-up of early career rising stars who will speak about their ground-breaking research and the future of the oceans. The symposium will also include three of last year’s speakers returning for an alumni panel discussion.
Speakers at this year’s symposium include:
• Dr Tamara Pico, whose talk will be on “insights into ancient ice sheets from unconventional sea-level records”.
• Dr Jacqueline Padilla-Gamiño, who will present “the significance of life history strategies in coral recovery after a bleaching event”.
• Dr Melissa Omand, who will be speaking on “toward a sensor-laden future ocean”.
• Dr Nikki Traylor-Knowles, whose talk is entitled “coral cellular ecoimmunity in a disease landscape of unknowns”.
The alumni panel consists of:
• Dr Hilary Palevsky, Boston College
• Dr Jessica Tierney, University of Arizona
• Dr Phil Bresnahan, University of North Carolina Wilmington

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