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Ahoy landlubbers! Have you ever wanted to explore the depths of our ocean, discover new creatures, visit places few have ever seen and travel back in time only to find yourself short of a magical submarine?! Does your youngster have the same bubbling thalassophile trapped inside them and nothing but an impending void of fathomless summer mornings on the horizon? Well holdfast, because we are in need of new crew members on our next Marine Explorers Expedition. Leave dry land behind as we set sail on an adventure through space, time and ecosystems. We’re sure to encounter live sea beasties, uncover forgotten fossils, scrimshaw your own clay white whale, and even dissect a kraken! Check below to find your bearings and get your sea legs, we hope to welcome you aboard soon!

Greater Farallones is excited to announce: the popular Marine Explorers Virtual Summer Camp is back.  We are offering 2-hour per day, week long, camps for 9-13 year olds that are curious about the ocean. The virtual camps will engage your child in marine science learning during their summer break.

See attached flyer for details and visit to book passage.  Act lively now, our ship’s living quarters are filling up fast!

A limited amount of scholarships are available for those eligible explorers.  Please contact if you are interested.

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