Healthy Seas and Lantinga Vita Fundraiser for Nets for Net Zero

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Nets for Net Zero is a culmination of years of learning, researching and reflecting on how we can balance a healthy economy and ecosystem in Canada and across the globe. Canada has the longest coastlines in the world, and until today, not much was being done to address the biggest plastic problem in our waters, lost or abandoned fishing nets.

Did you know that 46% of plastic waste in our oceans today, is ghost fishing gear? That’s pretty big when we know that 10% of the plastic in our oceans is water bottles and 0.01% is straws. We knew we could do something about it, so Nets for Net Zero was born!

Inspired by the partnership between Healthy Seas and Lantinga Vita, we knew we could also remove waste from our Canadian coastlines, while transforming this waste into useful products that can be recycled infinitely. Along the way we are leading research to further understand the impact of ghost fishing gear on our biosphere and our economies. We are working on new technologies that will allow us to account for our impact on climate change and biodiversity so we can all make better choices.

Our big dream is to lead the way towards an economy of net zero emissions, where waste is not the problem, but an innovative solution. We have a number of partners already joining our movement and we’re just getting started!

Today, that dream just got very real. Thank you, our dear community, for joining our journey and supporting our big crazy dreams.

This week 50% of our sales at Lantinga Vita will be donated to Nets for Net Zero. It has always been our mission to create impactful products, and today, that impact has never been bigger.

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