HEJ Youth Podcast Launch: Episode 1 – How Gen-Z Has Rediscovered Plastic Pollution

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HEJYouth’s International Podcast is LIVE!

Our first episode is called…
How Gen-Z Has Rediscovered Plastic Pollution

We have special guest speakers, @michellemuchilwa and @sakwamuchilwa from @bring_back_lake_victoria !

Learn about a wide range of important topics regarding plastic pollution, such as…

The global situation
The Canadian Case
The German Case
What is happening to Lake Victoria in Kenya
What YOU can do to stop plastic pollution!

From #plasticpollution to #youthactivism , get ready for an #incredible experience!

Listen to inspiring leaders, #activists and #youthleaders from all around the world!
The #HEJPodcast is an empowering platform for youth and communities around the world to connect, share their stories, work and voice their opinions!
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