How do we Observe The Sea?

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Oceanography in Mexico is based mainly in how we can respond to the question stated in the title of this conference. In this review we will try to define other core aspects for our country, such as: What types of monitoring can be done and what their ranges and limitations are? What is the main focus of the actual systems of observation and what is left to be observed? What contributions do the new observation platforms make? This is a conference organized on behalf of the initiative for the United Nations World Oceans Day. The conversation will be livestreamed, in Spanish, through CICESE’s Facebook fan page, on Wednesday, the 11th of June. (


Sharon Herzka Llona – CICESE

Jorge Zavala Hidalgo – CCA UNAM

Enric Pallàs Sánz – CICESE

Tomás Salgado Jiménez – CIDESI

Armando Jaramillo Legarreta – CNANP SEMARNAT



11:00 a.m. Baja California (PST/GMT-7)

13:00 p.m. Mexico City (GMT-5)


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