Hues of Ocean and Life

Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Chittagong University, Chittagong University Road, Chattogram, Bangladesh

Starts   2021-06-09, 12:00 AM (+06)
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Organized by Chittagong University Scientific Society

Hues of Ocean and Life

World Ocean Day 2021

Oceans cover a large part of our world. It contributes directly and indirectly to fulfill many of our needs. But we are poisoning those sea and ocean. As a result, it’s ecosystem is under threat and coastal public life is being damaged, a large part of which is completely dependent on the sea. Therefore, every year “World Ocean Day” is celebrated to create awareness about the sea. The theme of this year’s ocean day is life and livelihood. Chittagong University Scientific Society has come up with some new arrangements to celebrate this day.

Ocean in one expression

In this segment, you have to express the importance of the sea in a sentence by highlighting the importance of the sea or any picture taken of the estuary or river by you. If you want, you can highlight sea pollution, coastal life and livelihood, marine resources, tourism, river and sea relations, etc. through your pictures. However, the picture must be taken by you and the writing must be yours. The best 1 picture will be selected in this event for which, there are attractive prizes and e-certificates.

How ocean and environment friendly are you?

Growing up in the lap of nature we are children of nature. A large part of this nature is the sea-ocean. This segment is for evaluating our daily activities, used products, how marine and environmentally friendly our behavior is. There is no substitute for conserving and restoring the environment to build a healthy, beautiful, clean world for the next generation. By participating in this segment you can easily find out how much you are really aware of the conservation of the sea and the environment! Evaluate yourself, be eco-friendly, be sympathetic to the environment and join the procession to build a livable clean world.

Splay your thoughts like the ocean: 1min speech

What if you could temporarily discover yourself in the past? Yes, CUSS is giving you a chance to develop your talent on such a platform with “Ocean Day” keeping in mind. One of the most popular events of the twentieth century is “Improptu Speech” which is hardly visible at the present time. In a very short time in this event, the participants present their thoughts to the audience. On the one hand, as the depth of the participant’s thinking increases, so does the ability to instantly present a subject in a dazzling way.  In this event, there is are topics related to marine to spread marine education. This is our attempt to make “Ocean Day” fruitful by spreading sea-education and sea-awareness among all.

Splay your thoughts like the ocean 1min speech Registration link :

The three competitions are open to all and no registration fee is required.

There are attractive prizes and e-certificates for the winners in each segment.

Photo credit: Muhammad Mustahsin Mihrab,Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Session: 2018-19, University of Chittagong.
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Chittagong University, Chittagong University Road, Chattogram, Bangladesh

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