ICM respon (ICM gives answers) in the City and Science Biennial in Barcelona, Spain

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As part of the City and Science Biennial of Barcelona (Spain), the Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC)* is organising the activity “ICM respon” (ICM gives answers). People can send to icmrespon@icm.csic.es their questions related to the present and future of the oceans. On 15th June different experts of the ICM-CSIC will answer the questions in an online event. More information: https://www.icm.csic.es/ca/esdeveniment/licm-respon

* ICM-CSIC is the largest marine research institution of the Spanish National Research Council, that conducts frontier research and foster both knowledge and technology transfer on topics related to ocean and climate interactions, conservation and sustainable use of marine life and ecosystems, and impact mitigation of natural and anthropogenic hazards (https://www.icm.csic.es/en)

This initiative responds to the willingness of the ICM-CSIC for improving the relationship with citizenship through citizen engagement as one of the pillars of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). The ICM-CSIC is one of the participants of the project ResBios. ResBios is a H2020 project of the European call Science with and for Society.

DATE – 15 June

TIME – 5:30 pm

Image Credit: https://unworldoceansday.org/calendar/
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