Inside the E, the S and the G: What is Means for Maritime

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In honor of World Ocean Day, the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) will be collaborating with the Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA) to present “Inside the E, the S and the G” with CMA Shipping. To be held on World Ocean Day, June 8th, 2021 (10:00  11:30am EDT), the webinar will bring ground breakers from across the shipping industry and maritime education to give top tier insight on the importance, ability and processes behind incorporating proper Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programs. Proper execution of ESG criteria allows investors to strategically avoid companies that may pose a great financial risk due to improper practices. The world is increasingly putting emphasis on the importance of sustainability; following proper ESG criteria will allow companies to mitigate any unforeseen losses from environmental, social or governance oversights 

NAMEPA and CMA’s event will reflect on how the shipping industry is currently aligning with ESG criteria, how it needs to improve and what we can expect for the future. This important event will showcase how proper ESG can positively impact companies’ success economically and environmentally by bringing industry leaders together to discuss proper strategies and applications of ESG 

Agenda items include: 

  • What does ESG mean for ship owners? Jeff Pribor, Chief Financial Officer, International Seaways 
  • NAMEPA’s CSR/ESG Maritime Sustainability Program. Captain Anuj Chopra, CEO ESGPlus 
  • How we can support the industry on the S. Andrew Baransky, Interim Program Manager, USMMA 
  • Mitigating risk in Governance. Cynthia Hudson, CEO HudsonCyber 
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