La cara invisible del planeta Cleanup

48650 Barrika, Biscay, Spain

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We continue to upload images of the June 12 cleanup, a very special day that we remember with much affection and enthusiasm.

This great initiative that started with@olasinplastico Y @nastideplasticbizkaiaIt has exceeded all expectations and it is that seeing so many people committed to the same cause and with such good will, is something that is really exciting 

In the case of Bizkaia, the cleaning was carried out on the beach of Plentzia and in the estuary of Butroi-Plentzia, collecting a total of approximately 371 kg of garbage. Almost nothing …

And all thanks to the volunteers who decided to participate that day and to the organizing and collaborating entities that have been so involved, leaving their skin behind, so that the June 12 cleaning was a reality!

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48650 Barrika, Biscay, Spain

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