Man and Sea Week 2021

Tel Dor Street, Hadera, Israel

Starts   2021-06-05, 12:00 AM (EEST)
Ends     2021-07-01, 12:00 AM (EEST)

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” Man and Sea Week ” takes place every year near International Oceans Day (8.6). This year will be held this week between the dates 5.6.21 and 12.6 and during it there will be experiential activities for the whole family at the sites of the Nature and Parks Authority: Go National Achziv, Tel Dor National Park, Dor Habonim Nature Reserve, Tel Ashkelon National Park.

This year, too, Man and Sea Week will deal with the idea that the declaration of marine nature reserves is a key tool for ensuring the health and function of Israel’s marine nature. The shores of Israel are home to a unique sea, characterized by a variety of marine animals and plants and a special variety of underwater landscapes and marine archeology. The sea of ​​Israel is under heavy fishing pressure and half of coastal and marine infrastructure and its future is in danger. Studies from around the world, as well as studies conducted by the Nature and Parks Authority in combination with the best marine researchers in the country, prove the importance and necessity of marine nature reserves for the conservation of marine nature.

Large, carefully managed and supervised marine nature reserves are the right way to ensure the health and functioning of Israel’s marine nature for the present and for future generations. Israel has few and very small marine nature reserves, whose total area is less than three percent of the country’s sovereign maritime territory in the last year.


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Tel Dor Street, Hadera, Israel

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