Movie Screening “L’autre Confort”

Ashta District 8

Jakarta Selatan, South Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia

Organized by NAvakara - Ways to Zero Waste

This time we are bringing “Waste Less Films Series”, in conjunction with World Ocean Day that falls annually on June 8. The Focus on 2021 Conservation Action is “Protecting 30% of our blue planet for a healthy ocean and climate by 2030″”
This Waste Less Films Series presents 4 different documentary films from around the world.
They are films depicting the various lives affected and touched by waste. The films will tell stories about the impact of waste polluting our land, sea, and air against humans and animals.

“L’AUTRE CONFORT” (149 minutes)
In 2019, Malaury and Julien, founders of Blutopia, set out on a journey to meet some people behind solutions to ocean’s plastic pollution. “L’Autre Confort” (Kenyamanan Yang Lainnya) is a 4-episode positive documentary series, sharing some concrete solutions for a cleaner ocean, solutions that have been developed in the countries most affected by the plastic pollution itself. Solutions that promote new ways of thinking, and adjusted lifestyle in order to reduce the output of plastic waste.
The ocean IS resilient, within one generation it would be able to regenerate itself. However, convenience is not found in the lightness, affordability, or the lower price of plastic, but rather more about making sure that our actions create the smallest impact towards our planet, especially to the ocean, to whom we owe life and living.

Date: FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2021
Time: 5:00 – 7:29 PM
Location: Flix Cinema, Ashta District 8

Minimum donation is Rp50,000/person
100% of your donations will be sent to Jakarta Animal Aid Network’s marine programs and campaigns.

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Jakarta Selatan, South Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia

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