Mushroom Design Co, Bassia, Indosole and Superzero World Oceans Day Giveaway

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Win a bundle of fitness, wellness, and personal care goodies from ocean-friendly brands.

In fact… Ocean-friendly undersells it. We LOVE the ocean!

What’s Inside?

Mushroom Design

1 month supply of the ultimate holistic health supplement! 9 essential vitamins + 9 adaptogenic mushrooms = 1 multivitamin that stands above the rest!


From pro-surfer Kassia Meador’s line of eco-conscious gear – get the vibiest limited edition moon phase socks 🧦🧜🏼‍♀️


Get your hands on the most loved flip-flops of all time! 🩴🏝 Made from upcycled discarded tires, these sandals are great for the beach in so many ways…


Superzero bioengineer intelligent, and clean beauty products that outperform the bottle. Try out the conditioner bar that the internet can’t stop raving about!


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