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Our real-life tidepools and beaches are full of wonderfully weird characters, just like Bikini Bottom. In fact, SpongeBob’s creator Stephen Hillenberg started his career as a science educator on the California Coast, creating the world that would become Bikini Bottom to teach kids about marine biology. NHM scientists are learning new things every day, and they’re ready to help you explore that world using real science!

June 10th- Dive into the Science of SpongeBob: Get to Know Gary the Sea Snail!

Join Dr. Jann Vendetti, NHM’s Associate Curator of Malacology, and Museum Educator Steven Mendoza to explore the fascinating world of snails! Uncover fact and fiction about the real life species behind SpongeBob’s beloved pet sea snail, Gary, and discover the different ways these animals use their slime, teeth and shells for everyday survival.

June 15th- Dive into the Science of SpongeBob: All About Pearl

Explore the mighty world of whales with Dr. Jorge Velez-Juarbe, NHM’s Associate Curator of Mammalogy, and Museum Educator Diana Sanchez! From its large teeth and unique skull shape to its use of echolocation, learn how the real species of sperm whale inspired the character of Pearl!

June 17th- Dive into the Science of SpongeBob: Swimmin’ With the Fishes

Discover some of the spectacularly strange and surprising fishes that swim beneath the ocean’s surface–and not just in Bikini Bottom! Join Dr. Bill Ludt, Assistant Curator of Ichthyology at NHM, and Museum Educator Michelle Vanegas as they tackle some fascinating fish facts and explore the various species featured in the SpongeBob universe.

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