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Here at OCL we are grateful everyday for what our ocean provide us with, and we take great pride in showcasing exactly this. But once a year, on June 8th, we join @worldoceanday to shed light on the wonder of our ocean and encourage communities to join in the celebration. ⁠⠀
This year we were blessed in Jersey Channel Islands with sunshine and high tides, making it the perfect classroom environment for those who joined us. ⁠⠀
We believe stories are how we learn, how we inspire and how we can encourage positive change. Our WOD beachside exhibition became an opportunity for people to discover and learn stories beneath the surface, and meet our incredible community of Ocean Guardians and Storytellers who work tirelessly in helping to give a voice to the ocean. ⁠⠀
Our ocean storytelling workshops proved there are many many more stories that need to be told, and we’d like nothing more for you to join us on this journey. ⁠⠀
Because together we can help vocalise stories of hope, shed light on important projects, encourage support where it’s most needed and collectively give a voice to the lungs of our Planet – the ocean. ⁠⠀
Thank you to each and everyone of you who shared your story on the day, stopped by and had a chat and a huge thank you to @nudefoodbeach @oceanbeer.sb and @tidalrum for their support. ⁠⠀

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