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Falmouth, UK

Organized by Ocean8Challenge

Derived from the knowledge that 8 million pieces of plastic make its way to the ocean daily, the Ocean8Challenge will run over 8 days in the lead up to World Ocean Day, on 8th June. Each day will involve an open-water ocean swim, followed by a beach clean, repeated for 8 days and finishing on 8 different beaches, thus removing 8 locations worth of ocean-bound debris.

Shared-widely, Ocean8Challenge celebrates proactive participation in ocean-health promotion.  Using the hashtag #myocean8, people can get involved in their preferential capacity. Whether that’s joining in the full 8 day swimming and clearing event, or carrying out one single beach clean in their local area, everyone will be part of the Ocean8 Community and will be contributing to the overall team impact.

In partnership with Paddle Logger and the Big Plastic Pledge (an athlete-led initiative to eliminate single use plastics within professional sports and sporting events), the Ocean8Challenge initiative will be an official World Ocean Day event, as well as contribute to citizen science data collection via the Marine Debris Tracker (NOAA).

Photo credit: Ellie Ewart
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Falmouth, UK

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