The Ocean: International Cooperation on Conservation

Perth WA, Australia

Perth WA, Australia

Organized by Australian Institute of International Affairs Young Professionals Network

This event will focus on the ocean through the impact of international cooperation on conservation. It will be based around an in-person panel discussion from several speakers of diverse backgrounds, followed by a short Q&A. The specific topics to be discussed will include what is currently being accomplished in relation to conservation both by governments and NGOs (including a perspective from the US Biden administration) as well as the current state of the marine environment.

As this is an event run by the Young Professionals Network it is aimed towards students and young professionals, either having just entered university or a career with an interest in international relations. Through this event the AIIA hopes to raise awareness and develop an understanding of the intricate factors that influence our oceans and what more can be done to conserve this precious environment.

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Perth WA, Australia

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