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Hello folks! I am a retired medical doctor and a travel/gourmet poet-writer from Izmir (Turkey). As I am on a busy but beautiful process of publishing my 10th book about oceans and maritime issues, I have not forgotten to prepare a special prose poem-like article in Turkish about this year’s WORLD OCEAN DAY and publish it in my daily/weekly column on the prestigious LOJIPORT website. But some of you surely remember what wise folks always emphasize: “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!” And one more concise and humble saying from me before I end my explanations about the meaningful WORLD OCEAN DAY-2021: “MORE UNCONDITIONAL PROTECTION AND FREEDOM TO OUR BLUE OCEANS AND THEIR BLUE-ADORING DWELLERS! Stay safe, observant, creative and healthy! – Dr. Güntürk Üstün

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