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Supporting Marine Protection in Timor-Leste

The waters surrounding Atauro Island have been described by researchers as the most biodiverse in the world. However, several of Atauro’s reefs show serious damage from unsustainable fishing practices and lack of regulation and enforcement. To empower the local communities to monitor the health of their reef, Tide members, with partner Blue Ventures, helped establish the first program dedicated to training local community members in scuba diving and coral reef monitoring in Timor-Leste. Their contributions bought five scuba sets and equipment for monitoring the reefs, trained five local divers and helped one local community protect their reef and build a better future.

Funding Coastal Mangrove Beekeeping in Southern Thailand

Mangrove forests support livelihoods and protect coastal villages from storms. They are also a vital nursery for young fish and can store up to ten times more carbon than rainforests, helping to tackle the climate crisis. Tide members partnered with the Mangrove Action Project to protect a 590-hectare community mangrove forest, help a women’s group launch and market two new honey-based products, and support four new communities to produce up to 250 liters of honey per year to support their livelihoods. These contributions also also helped the organization train four neighboring coastal villages in sustainable beekeeping.

Restoring Reefs in French Polynesia 

Half of the world’s coral reefs have already been lost or severely damaged. If nothing is done, coral reefs will be the first ecosystem on Earth to entirely collapse, impacting the 25% of marine life that rely on them. To help stop this trend, Tide members supported the work of Coral Gardeners in French Polynesia. Their funds helped build 8 new coral nursery tables, which will ultimately host more than fifteen thousand coral fragments that will be transplanted back onto the reef.

Helping an Emergency Solidarity Fund for Vital Recycling Workers During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the way we handle our waste—threatening the health of the seas and the lives and livelihoods of recycling workers who are the last line of defense between plastic waste and the oceans. With the organization GAIA, Tide members distributed 5-10 grants to grassroots organizations supporting waste workers around the world, provided safety gear to waste workers risking their lives to accomplish their work, delivered meal kits to waste workers and their families, and supported local advocacy for worker protections, as well as education to raise awareness about the risks during Covid-19.

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