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Read along with friends for Orca Month and join in online community discussions to learn more!

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Read along with friends for Orca Month. Celebrating the theme of “We are Family” we’re taking a deep dive into the social interconnectedness of orcas and exploring concepts of culture both in the behavior of whales and our own diverse relationships with the species. This year we’ll be reading the National Geographic magazine “Secrets of the Whales” edition and “Spirits of the Coast” produced by the BC Royal Museum.

“Spirits of the Coast” is a collection of indigenous stories, scientific perspectives, poems, and visual art, exploring the world or orcas in the Pacific Northwest.

“Secrets of the Whales” is a new series also on Disney+, with an accompanying book of still photos and a special edition of National Geographic. The series examines culture in whales from around the world told through the lens of photographer Brian Skerry. For book club, we will be reading the special edition of the magazine.

Join us online June 10th at 7pm to share and discuss “Spirits of the Coast” and June 17th at 7pm to discuss “Secrets of the Whales.” Conversations are casual and also include interactive questions and polls.

Interviews with authors, contributors, and subject-matter experts will also be available on the Whale Scout YouTube channel during the month of June:


Purchase the book and magazine issue:

“Spirits of the Coast” can be purchased on Amazon, the BC Royal Museum, and ipgbook.

“Secrets of the Whales” National Geographic magazine issue can be purchased at local news stands, book retailers, or online here.


Join the community conversation June 10th, and June 17th

June 13th: Interview with Nikki Sanchez about the book, “Spirits of the Coast” Available after 1am on the Whale Scout YouTube Channel.


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