Our Choice commitment to cleaning up 300kgs of ocean plastics

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As we reflect on the importance of World Oceans Day we are reminded of what helped start OUR CHOICE.

The preservation and protection of our oceans and natural wildlife is a central focus for developing circular and zero waste products. The best way to remove plastics from our ocean is to stop purchasing and disposing of plastics.

OUR CHOICE began as a plastic free alternative sneaker. Now, we are much greater. We are now helping to develop and promote circular economies for a holistically sustainable future.

Since we started, OUR CHOICE has committed to cleaning up 300kgs of ocean plastics together with Empower

And we’re only getting started!! Help remove all plastics from the ocean by signing the petition World Ocean Day.

We have opened our webshop for a limited time so that YOU can help change the linear economy one sneaker at a time!

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