Ocean Painting Exhibition- Cape Verde

Capital de Cabo Verde na Citie Praia

Praia, Cabo Verde

Starts   2021-06-05, 10:00 AM (GMT)
Ends     2021-06-19, 06:00 PM (GMT)

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Cape Verdean painter Leomar, intends to hold an exhibition of painting called “Lapis Lazulis”, on 8 June, in honor of World Ocean Day. This tribute aims to make governments, populations and other entities aware of the urgency of creating measures that protect the ocean from activities that endanger marine lives and the environmental balance of nature. Considering that the ocean occupies 2/3 of the terrestrial surface and is the main thermal regulator of the planet, we must protect and preserve the ocean to guarantee the subsistence of billions of people worldwide.

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Praia, Cabo Verde

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