Panel Discussion: Ornamental fish trade, fish welfare, and biodiversity

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Did you know that more than 90 percent of ornamental aquatic life caught in the wild ends up in home aquarium tanks?

The recent documentary, The Dark Hobby (Release date: May 22, 2021) discusses the impacts of taking wild fish from the ocean. Join us for a panel discussion following the documentary’s release. We invited several researchers on fish welfare, ornamental fish trade, and marine conservation! We will open with a Q&A session and questions from the moderator.

・Paula Fouce, Producer, Director, and Writer of The Dark Hobby
・Scott Countryman – Executive Director, The Coral Triangle Conservancy Inc
・Kelly Levenda, Senior Student Programs Attorney, Animal Legal Defense Fund
・Dr. James Cervino, Research & Field Scientist, Global Coral Reef Alliance
Moderator: Jennifer-Justine Kirsch, from Fish Welfare Initiative

・Aquatic Life Institute
・Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation
・Fish Welfare Initiative
・Gili Eco Trust

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About the documentary: The Dark Hobby – All The Pretty Fishes and The Price Paid to Tank Them
In the spirit of The Cove and Blackfish, The Dark Hobby follows Hawaiʻian Elders, conservationists, and scientists who stop at nothing to protect reef wildlife all the way to the Supreme Court. It is an expose of the aquarium trade’s predatory practices that generate billions of dollars. Hawaiʻi is ground zero in the global struggle to save marine wildlife. Scientific research shows fish feel pain, recognize human faces, and sing.

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