Parley for the Oceans Sailing For the Oceans Expedition

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Parley for the Oceans is hosting a selective cleanup sail event, and members will be sharing their progress on Instagram

6/8, on World Oceans Day, we will be leaving, once again, together with the #SailingForTheOceans expedition ! It is a pleasure to support this project, which seeks to foster debate, raise awareness about plastic pollution and climate change, and get our hands dirty with cleaning efforts and educational activities.

initiatives like this are extremely important, since each year more than 10 million tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans – the equivalent of 1 garbage truck per MINUTE.

Thanks@ju_nas.mares @parley.tvfor the invitation, especially on this very significant date!




Note: To protect the health and safety of the crew and surrounding communities, safety protocols against COVID-19 will be followed during the expedition, including PCR testing, quarantine, mask use and social distancing.

Image: @ju_nas.mares e @mar_masita

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