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Although the May 2021 in-person Penn Cove Water Festival has been cancelled, in its place we will have a Virtual Water Festival event during Orca Month in June, partnering with Orca Network.

This two day virtual event will be held June 26th – 27th, featuring elements of the traditional Penn Cove Water Festival, such as the Native Opening Ceremony, Native arts demonstrations, dance and song, storytelling, and presentations and interviews from past and new participants in the Penn Cove Water Festival. Information and videos about the importance of the annual Canoe races, and the canoe culture will also be a part of the event. Orca Network will bring to this special event the importance of salmon and orcas to Native culture, and the parallels between the culture, diet and sacredness of salmon to the Coast Salish peoples; and the critical need orcas have for salmon, and how the culture of the Southern Resident orca community evolves around salmon. This will include interviews with elders, stories passed down through generations about salmon and orcas, actions being taken by Tribal communities to restore our salmon runs, and reflection of these topics in poetry, song, and art.

The Festival features annual tribal canoe races, Native Arts & Crafts Vendors, story telling, musical and dance performances, artist demonstrations, authentic Native foods, youth activities, exhibits and displays. Come visit this year or get involved today! Come visit this year or get involved today!

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