Pivet Ocean Blue With the Ocean Agency Biodegradable case for the iPhone 12 range and Fundraiser

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Pivet is partnering with The Ocean Agency to make a meaningful splash with the launch of the Aspect: Ocean Blue, case for the iPhone 12 range.

We have spent years working with material experts to develop our unique Self-Cycle™ technology. By working with experts to enhance materials with TOTO-TOA™, Pivet is working towards solving the end-of-life process of plastic, ensuring accessories like your phone case are biodegradable, if (like 90% of our waste) they end up in a landfill or ultimately in the ocean. This has been independently verified by Intertek who have awarded Pivet with a Green Leaf certification.

Our solution to plastic pollution captured the attention of Richard Vevers, the CEO and Founder of The Ocean Agency, an ocean conservation NGO that’s partnered with the United Nations to accelerate ocean science and conservation during the Ocean Decade. The Ocean Agency has teamed up with Pivet to use color to drive awareness for ocean conservation (building on the success of their ‘Glowing Glowing Gone’ campaign with Pantone and Adobe). Together we are using the vibrant blue color that corals turn in a desperate bid to survive underwater heatwaves caused by climate change to raise awareness of the importance of the UN Ocean Decade. We are renaming it ‘Ocean Blue’ – the color of the #OceanDecade. A percentage of each sale of our Ocean Blue Aspect case will be donated to The Ocean Agency to help support a range of the most pressing ocean conservation projects.

Image Credit: https://mypivet.com/ocean-blue?fbclid=IwAR2Q0C0qV3Zom5XO38Yf9litpShUdFCeE1G1mEswra2qfIUjP63he-i1SMc
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