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Happy Pride Month! Be prepared to have your wigs snatched! Queers on the Pier, a virtual drag show celebrating #PrideMonth, will feature an amazing cast of performers and celebrate inclusivity in environmental spaces through representation and aquatic-themed drag art and dance.⁠

The Meaning of Queerness:⁠

Queerness: n. The state or condition of being strange. The term “queer” has a number of definitions, but historically the term “queer’ has been used in a derogatory way to dehumanize, harm, and humiliate members of the LGBTQIA+ community. In today’s society, any sexual orientation other than heterosexual is scrutinized, invalidated, and othered. Like most things in life however, sexual orientation exists on a spectrum and to have variations in sexual behavior is a naturally occurring phenomena. Many members of the LGBTQIA+ community have reclaimed the term “queer” as an all-encompassing expression to include all of the various members of the community, and that is how we at Heal the Bay are aiming to utilize this term as well. Radical inclusion and increased queer representation are the essence of our show.✨ Queers on the Pier will deliver this through performance art, interviews with queer scientists, and with talks on queerness that exists in the ocean. Welcome to the Show!⁠

Buy tickets for Friday 6/25 at 7PM PT at our link in bio. ⁠

Thank you to ETC Hotels for sponsoring this event.

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