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We are Rewriting Extinction, a campaign to raise money and awareness for 7 projects to tackle BOTH the climate and the biodiversity crisis.

These projects are evidence-based, actionable,  and ready to rollout in the next 12 months and will help stop species going extinct, once and for all.

Our overarching plan comprises projects from Greenpeace, World Land Trust, Born Free, Re:wild, The Wildlife Trusts, Reserva and Rewilding Europe, and promotes simple, but powerful, actions we can all take.

At Rewriting Extinction, we want to represent a moment in time when collectively, we put species extinction and biodiversity to the top of all our agendas.  All the projects we’re aiming to fund offer permanent solutions that can start right now… within the 12 months our campaign will run.

We aren’t specifically focusing on the “pretty” species, or individual animals – the projects within our plans protect and rebuild the ecosystems they live in, thus saving hundreds of species… thousands hopefully.

By protecting the ecosystem and environments they live in, we can allow them to flourish. Forever.  And once it’s sorted… once our plan is enacted – it’s done… forever. No subscriptions, no repeated asks of you for X or Y.

We just want this done once and for good.

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