Say NO to Coral Harmful Cosmetics

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iLab advocates this Educational Donation Program for 3 years.

Period —— From World Earth Day 4.22 to World Ocean Day 6.8 every year

2021 Education Message —— 1 Drop of Harmful Cosmetic Ingredients = 7 Pool-sized Coral Bleaching / Coral Reef = 25% Marine Habitats / 60% Coral Reefs Expected to be Dead and Gone / Are Your Cosmetics Killing Coral Reefs? ✘Oxybenzone  ✘Octinoxate  ✘Butylparaben  ✘4-methylbenzylidine camphor

Donation —— iLab is an outdoor skin care brand originated from French Thalassotherapy, and Coral Reef Safe. iLab will donate 1Euro or 1USD or 6.8RMB for everyone who buy iLab through designated official channels from World Earth Day (Apr. 22) to World Ocean Day (Jun. 8).

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