SOA Ocean Solutions Accelerator 4th Wave Cohort (Ocean Startups)

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Introducing the Ocean Solutions Accelerator 4th Wave Cohort! These 7 entrepreneurs will propel their ventures to new heights—and deepen their impact on our ocean and will get to work one-on-one with the global SOA network of mentors, ocean experts, partners, and coaches.


B’ZEOS is a green tech company offering sustainable, home-compostable, and bio-digestible packaging solutions made from seaweed extracts to combat plastic pollution.

Blue Innov (Finsulate)
Blue Innov develops environmentally friendly innovations in the nautical sector.

Hohonu partners with federal agencies to deploy low-cost IoT sensors along coastlines to help commercial markets mitigate against sea level rise.

Seawater Solutions
Seawater Solutions creates, implements, and scales wetland farming solutions to combat salinisation and other climate-threat and maximise the benefits of wetlands on coastal communities.

Tēnaka develops CSR programs and impact measurement technologies [to help restore the world’s blue carbon sinks.]

Whale Seeker
Whale Seeker uses AI to automate whale detection to strengthen environmental impact assessments, support industry in complying with marine regulations, improve companies’ bottom lines, and ultimately help protect whales.

Plantish is a food technology company developing plant-based seafood products.

Read all about them at the link in our bio!

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