Spring Speaker Series: Orca Observation and Photography Showcase

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Join us for Skagit Fisheries’ speaker series!

We are so excited to hear from wildlife photographer and artist, Bart Rulon.

Join wildlife photographer Bart Rulon to learn more about the spectacular orcas we see here in the Salish Sea through the lens of his camera.  Bart will show us amazing photos, and talk about some of the challenges involved in photographing killer whales and some of the techniques he’s learned along the way.  He will also talk about the orcas’ connection to salmon, the differences between the southern resident and transient whales we see here, and how things have changed in the 21 years since he started focusing on whales.  Bart will share stories of some of his favorite experiences illustrated through his award winning photography.


Image Credit: https://m.facebook.com/skagitfisheries/
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