Sustainable Businesses, Community Engagement, and the Ocean-Climate Crisis – Divers for Climate World Oceans Week Webinar

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In the midst of several environmental crises, it can be easy to feel a little helpless at times. Thankfully, there are some incredible sustainable businesses out there to help us take that first little step towards a healthier ocean planet.

Joining us at the end of World Ocean Week are two amazing ocean women who will be chatting to us about sustainable and alternative products, their experience with engaging communities and the importance of taking that first little step together, particularly when it comes to global climate change.

Emma Sparrow – Ocean Mimic
Lauren Aston – Girls that Scuba & A Waste Free World

Yolanda Waters – Divers for Climate


This event is part of Divers for Climate’s World Oceans Week Webinar Series. For more information, check out or follow us on Instagram @diversforclimate.

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