Talk Series : Personal Stories, Love the Ocean, Do Your Bit.

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Starts   2021-06-06, 07:00 PM (+09)
Ends     2021-06-08, 07:00 PM (+09)

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A series of engaging interactive talks with young people and experienced, who are connected to the ocean in different ways. The series begins on World Environment Day and ends on World Ocean Day. There will be follow up episodes thereafter.. The series aims to share thru the personal life stories of different people, across age groups,  how you can make positive choices to act. Importantly we wish to touch the peoples minds and hearts by talking about the beauty of the oceans, marine and coastal life and their connection with life on the planet

Each speaker has  a message of hope and urgency for every one and will also answer questions in an interactive way

Zia Hajeebhoy Director Aquasail will anchor the talks

Speakers include

1. Cdr (Retd) Abhilash Tomy : the first Indian to  circumnavigated the globe Solo Non stop in a sailing boat. Discover The Beauty of Oceans. Pledge To Protect : 5th June | 5 pm

2. Marisa Rodricks : youth committed to marine conservation working with Terra Conscious : How the youth can make choices that can impact our environment. 5th June | 7 pm

3. Sushant Singh : young underwater photographer and diver, rescue volunteer. Brings alive the colour within the ocean and the need to preserve it. 6th June | 7 pm

4. Zoya Tyebji : Researcher, Student, Scholar brings alive the conflict and need for collaboration in the Andamans as she shares her findings  focusing on the depleting population of sharks and rays and its impact on the ecosystem. 7th June | 7 pm

5. Capt (Retd) Dilip Donde : the first Indian to  circumnavigated the globe Solo p in a sailing boat. Discover The Oceans and the Connect to Life. Sharing a vision : 8th June | 5 pm

6. Venkatesh Charloo : banker turned diver turned marine conservationist, Venkatesh will share the importance of corals. The process of restoration and the actions needed to save our ocean life. 8th June | 7 pm

Watch for further follow up episodes!

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